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Curious about where the Atlanta region is headed? You're in the right place.

external-linkRelated: Top 10 ChallengesWhat’s Next ATL is a community resource that explores how metro Atlanta is growing and changing and offers new opportunities for community engagement.

We’re here to educate, inspire, and engage you about the region in which we live, the challenges we face, the opportunities we have, and how we can work together to identify solutions to make our communities the best they can be. The site includes:

  • Engaging blog posts that provide a closer look at the issues shaping our region’s future
  • Carefully curated links to local and national news articles that help explain where we are going as a region
  • Relevant news releases from local government and non-profit organizations
  • Data-driven stories that help illuminate our region

All of the platform’s content is organized around three highly relatable topic areas: Commuting in Metro Atlanta, Living in Metro Atlanta, and Working in Metro Atlanta. And you’ll find that we focus on 10 key issues that most affect our quality-of-life in metro Atlanta. It’s about providing a larger perspective on issues as local as your front steps.

The What’s Next ATL platform is also designed to be interactive. Readers will have the opportunity to submit links to articles they’ve read in local or national publications for consideration to be shared on the site’s home page. And a “Get Involved” section makes it easy for readers to attend or host an ARC Civic Dinner to take part in focused, meaningful conversations about key regional topics.

Please take a look. We hope What’s Next ATL becomes a go-to regional resource for the community and encourages people to become more engaged in helping shape our region’s future.

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What’s Next ATL is powered by the expert knowledge and insights of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), metro Atlanta’s long-range planning agency. ARC houses some of the region’s leading experts on aging, transportation, natural resources, and community and workforce development. Every day, we work to engage local government leaders, community partners, and residents to develop a shared approach for improving metro Atlanta’s quality of life, while addressing our rapidly evolving future.