Encore Bridge Parkway Ribbon Cutting

This Bridge is Built for Walking. And Biking. And Driving.

By Kate Sweeney | ARC |

Many times, when we think of transportation improvement projects, we think about the experiences of people in their cars. Where things get interesting is when you consider what else these projects can accomplish besides moving traffic along (a noble goal in itself, fellow commuter). Take the renovated Encore Parkway Bridge, celebrating its one-year anniversary this … Continue Reading →

Operating trial of a driverless transport system named CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience)

Could Self-Driving Shuttles be Coming to Chamblee?

By Jim Jaquish | ARC |

Imagine tapping an app on your phone and just a few minutes later, a car shows up to take you wherever you want to go at an affordable price. Oh right. You can already do that. Now imagine that the vehicle pulling up to your curb has no driver. The city of Chamblee, along with … Continue Reading →

people getting on MARTA train

Gwinnett’s monumental MARTA vote reflects region’s changing attitudes

By Tyler Estep | Atlanta Journal-Constitution |

One after another, they left their seats, stood before the dais and pilloried the Gwinnett County commission. Politicos, public transit advocates and everyday people spent close to an hour admonishing Gwinnett’s highest elected body — not about its decision to perhaps enter into a relationship with MARTA, that Atlanta-based transit authority so long maligned in … Continue Reading →