Freeway traffic travels beside a MARTA train, with Buckhead skyline in background

Data Dive: How Metro ATL Gets to Work

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission | May 31, 2019

Few things shape our region more than how we get to work. Our commuting patterns determine where we live, work, and shop and can even contribute to health problems (tailpipe emissions – cough, cough! – are one of the main contributors to poor air quality). The Atlanta Regional Commission recently analyzed Census data about commuting … Continue Reading →

A new vision for Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta imagines it as a shared space.

A New, ‘Shared’ Vision for Peachtree Street

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission | March 22, 2019

Imagine a street where bicycles, cars, pedestrians, and yes, even motorized scooters all share the same space, with no markings such as sidewalks or bike paths to delineate where each should go. Shared streets, as they’re often called, are popular in other countries, particularly in Europe. (The Dutch call them woonerfs, or “living streets.”) Now, the … Continue Reading →

Traffic on the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes

Do New Toll Lanes Pave Way to Better Commute?

By Jim Jaquish | Atlanta Regional Commission | February 15, 2019

During the construction of the Express lanes on I-75 north, people wondered if the two reversible toll lanes in Cobb and Cherokee counties would improve people’s commutes. Now that these Express lanes have been open for almost six months, it’s a good time to check in and address that question and some others to gauge … Continue Reading →

Pedestrians walk by a MARTA bus

Plannerisms: Today we Learn About…First & Last-Mile Connectivity

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission | February 4, 2019

Today, we learn about…first-mile/last-mile connectivity. More on First-Mile/Last-Mile Connectivity To tackle the first/last-mile issue, planners and others consider solutions that make those first and last legs 1. shorter and 2. more pleasant. Think transit-oriented developments built right near transit stations, as well as improved bike-ped trails, ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft, nicer sidewalks, and, … Continue Reading →

marta train with blue overlay

These 50 Potential Projects Offer Vision for Region’s Transit Future

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission | January 23, 2019

Here’s an intriguing blank slate, sky’s-the-limit question: what should metro Atlanta’s transit network look like in the future? The kicker: You don’t have to factor in cost. Every few years, transportation planners and local officials come together to provide an answer, creating a detailed project list that serves as a long-range vision for transit in … Continue Reading →

Woman texting on her phone with traffic in background

How the Driverless Car Revolution May (Really) Change Your Life

Episode #4 | November 29, 2018 | 27 minutes

Driverless cars and “connected technology” are making headlines across the country and right here in metro Atlanta. But why should any of this interest any but the tech-nerdiest among us? In this episode, we find out. We learn which metro Atlanta communities and companies are, at this moment, testing vehicles that drive themselves—and the infrastructure … Continue Reading →

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Train leaving Decatur station

7 Things to Know about the More MARTA Plan

By Scott Henry | October 19, 2018

The More MARTA Atlanta program is arguably the biggest boost the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority has received since the agency was approved by DeKalb and Fulton county voters in 1971. Over the next 40 years, the spending plan will inject $2.7 billion – with a “B” – into the transit agency for a range … Continue Reading →

Decatur cycle track

Plannerisms: Today we Learn About…Cycle Tracks

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission | September 24, 2018

On Plannerisms, our new occasional short-audio series, we take planning terms related to things taking place in metro Atlanta—and, in 90 seconds or less—gives you a clear explanation and some key timely local context. First up…Cycle tracks, also known as protected bike lanes. More on Cycle Tracks Time was, planners in the Atlanta region had … Continue Reading →

girl riding bike across crosswalk

How Metro Atlanta Can Put the Brakes on Bike-Ped Injuries and Deaths

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission | September 6, 2018

How can local governments make their streets safer for people walking and bicycling? It’s an urgent question, given that the number of collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists has risen sharply from 1,778 in 2006 to 2,900 in 2015, a 63% increase. And now, a new regional plan provides detailed, data-driven answers. It’s called Safe Streets … Continue Reading →