MARTA at North Springs station

How $400 Million Will Improve Your Commute

By Paul Donsky | ARC | July 23, 2018

Better strap in. Metro Atlanta’s transportation network is set for a sizable makeover. The region’s transportation planners recently approved more than 100 projects, at a price tag of nearly $400 million. What will the region get for that chunk of change? Think improved roads, expanded transit service, better sidewalks, and miles of new multi-use trails. … Continue Reading →

man riding bike in Decatur bike lane

Decatur Narrows a Road to Improve Bike-Ped Options. Take a Virtual Ride!

By Kate Sweeney | ARC | July 21, 2018

North McDonough Street cuts through the heart of bustling downtown Decatur, linking the city’s high school to its vibrant town square. But the expansive four-lane road was something of an eyesore, not to mention dangerous and unpleasant for bicyclists and pedestrians. Decatur has totally rebuilt the road, which now features two travel lanes instead of … Continue Reading →

Police ready to enforce Georgia’s new distracted driving law

By David Wickert | Atlanta Journal-Constitution | June 22, 2018

The state’s new distracted driving law takes effect July 1. On that day, you will no longer be able to hold your phone in your hand while driving in Georgia, except in a few limited circumstances.

Georgia Drivers Might Get Small Grace Period With New Hands-Free Law

By Sam Whitehead | WABE | June 19, 2018

Georgia’s new “hands-free” driving law goes into effect July 1. But drivers who get pulled over for holding an electronic device might not get a ticket immediately. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety says there will be no 90-day grace period for enforcing the law. However, some law enforcement agencies say they will observe a short period where they’ll focus on educating drivers about the new rules.