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You’re Not Imagining It – Cost of Living Is Rising in Metro Atlanta

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission | August 14, 2019

Healthcare. Groceries. Housing. If it feels like all of it is getting more expensive, that’s because it is. The cost of living is increasing steadily in metro areas, including the Atlanta region – but not at the same pace or in the same way. The data experts at Atlanta Regional Commission took a look at … Continue Reading →

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Metro Atlanta’s Walkable Urban Centers Put the Region in the Top 10

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission | August 2, 2019

Metro Atlanta has a reputation for car-based sprawl. But, according to a recent national report, the region has more walkable urban centers than many of our peers, and those centers may be key to the region’s future economic success. That is, if the social and equity implications of success can be managed. The 2019 Foot … Continue Reading →

A graphic depicting what the future of metro Atlanta may look like, with self-driving, smart cars and green energy features.

3 Ways to Imagine ATL in 2050 – and Help Shape the Region’s Long-range Plan

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission | July 24, 2019

Imagine the year 2050. What do you think metro Atlanta will be like three decades from now? Will advanced technology (self-driving cars and other gizmos yet to be invented) bring solutions to age-old problems? Or will today’s challenges only grow as the years pass, leaving us in crisis? These questions are far from academic, late-night … Continue Reading →

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Podcast Bonus Episode: Help Plan for Our Future

July 24, 2019

Happy summer, all. In this bonus episode, we talk about how you—yes, you—can get involved with a long-range planning effort for metro Atlanta that looks all the way out to the year 2050. The Atlanta Region’s Plan covers areas from housing affordability to transportation to economic growth in metro Atlanta  — and the planners want … Continue Reading →

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