J.D. Scott Photography Moving in the Spirit Rialto Performance May 2, 2013

How a Billionaire’s Foundation Aims to Boost Metro Atlanta Arts Groups

By Jim Jaquish | Atlanta Regional Commission | August 16, 2018

Here’s some news that has the local arts community buzzing. One of the nation’s biggest names in philanthropy is turning its attention to metro Atlanta’s thriving arts community. Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable arm of Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York City Mayor, recently announced that it will be providing funding and training to small … Continue Reading →

Uncovering Elder Financial Abuse? It’s Tricky.

By Andrew Yeager | WBHM | August 8, 2018

Timothy Townsend offers loans for a living in north Alabama. It’s kind of like a middle ground between a payday lender and a bank. He remembers one time when a 19-year-old applied for a truck loan. The young man didn’t have any credit and had only been working a few weeks. So he got his … Continue Reading →

The truth about income inequality, in six amazing charts Michael Hiltzik

By MIchael Hitzilk | Los Angeles Times | August 8, 2018

It has become fashionable in recent years to downplay the growth of income and wealth inequality in the developed world, especially in the United States — and also its consequences. It’s not surprising that the naysaying comes mostly from spokespersons for the 1%, who, after all, are the chief beneficiaries of this trend and anxious … Continue Reading →