Non-Hispanic whites are only cohort that’s shrinking

By David Pendered | Saporta Report | June 21, 2018

The nation’s population is becoming older and more diverse, according to a recent Census report. The only cohort that reported more deaths than births from July 2016 to July 2017 was non-Hispanic whites.

The Hotel Clermont’s hard-fought return to grace

By Josh Green | Curbed Atlanta | June 20, 2018

When the formerly decadent Hotel Clermont was purchased in 2012, the Atlanta landmark was in disarray. After several years of construction setbacks, the nearly $30 million project is finished.

‘Homes from the $500s!’ So, where do regular folks go?

By Bill Torpy | Atlanta Journal-Constitution | June 20, 2018

A recent Re/Max Georgia survey found that the price of homes in metro Atlanta’s five core counties have risen 21 percent in the past three years. During that time, salaries are up 9 percent, widening the gap between salaries and home prices.

Can (or should) what’s left of ‘rural Gwinnett’ be saved?

By Tyler Estep | Atlanta Journal-Constitution | June 15, 2018

This isn’t the type of zoning battle that’s generally fought in Gwinnett County. Not in 2018. It involves a band of locals trying to preserve what’s become an endangered way of life, especially in a county that’s been growing since the ’80s, already has more than 900,000 residents, and may add as many as half a million more over the next two decades or so.

5 Ageist Stereotypes That Really Need To Go Away Already

By Ann Brenoff | HuffPost | June 13, 2018

Stereotypes are the nasty buggers upon which many a misguided opinion is formed. Stereotypes may appear harmless to some people, but for those being stereotyped, they can be anything but. Ageism is the last ism to go unaddressed.