A graphic depicting what the future of metro Atlanta may look like, with self-driving, smart cars and green energy features.

3 Ways to Imagine ATL in 2050 – and Help Shape the Region’s Long-range Plan

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission | July 24, 2019

Imagine the year 2050. What do you think metro Atlanta will be like three decades from now? Will advanced technology (self-driving cars and other gizmos yet to be invented) bring solutions to age-old problems? Or will today’s challenges only grow as the years pass, leaving us in crisis? These questions are far from academic, late-night … Continue Reading →

Double exposure financial indices and stock market in accounting market economy analysis with graph business concept background

Regional Snapshot: State of Metro Atlanta’s Economy

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission | February 25, 2019

How’s metro Atlanta’s economy doing? That’s a complicated question. First of all, the region’s economy is diverse, and it’s big: If it were a country, it would rank somewhere between Norway and the United Arab Emirates, two oil-rich countries. And while we’re still in recovery mode from the financial crisis, the stock market has been … Continue Reading →

The number of metro Atlantans living from paycheck to paycheck may be quite large, according to ARC’s annual Metro Atlanta Speaks survey.

Paycheck to Paycheck: How Many Metro Atlantans are Living on the Edge?

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission | February 12, 2019

As days turned to weeks during the recent partial government shutdown, hundreds of thousands of federal employees were furloughed or working without pay. The shutdown — and the prospect of another in the near-future — prompted a columnist for Atlanta-Journal Constitution to ask: How many of us are living from paycheck to paycheck? If the … Continue Reading →

Wage Changes for High, Middle, and Low-Wage Occupations

Data Dive: How Metro Atlanta Wages Have Changed — Find Yours

By Jo-Leigh Warren | January 30, 2019

How has the average wage changed in your field? From registered nurses, to camera operators, to teachers’ assistants, this handy tool from 33n, Atlanta Regional Commission’s data blog, tracks average incomes, income change, and employment change in metro Atlanta professions between 2014-2017. The data explorer also divvies professions up into high, medium, and low-income fields—allowing … Continue Reading →