two workers looking at steel pipe

Metro Atlanta’s Economy is Growing, but Not Everyone Benefiting from the Boom

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission | September 23, 2019

The data folks at the Atlanta Regional Commission have been up to their elbows in metro Atlanta workforce information lately. Their most-recent analysis shows what industries are growing, which are shrinking, and why it’s a good idea to jump on that nursing program you may have been thinking about. All of the information is available … Continue Reading →

A graphic depicting what the future of metro Atlanta may look like, with self-driving, smart cars and green energy features.

3 Ways to Imagine ATL in 2050 – and Help Shape the Region’s Long-range Plan

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission | July 24, 2019

Imagine the year 2050. What do you think metro Atlanta will be like three decades from now? Will advanced technology (self-driving cars and other gizmos yet to be invented) bring solutions to age-old problems? Or will today’s challenges only grow as the years pass, leaving us in crisis? These questions are far from academic, late-night … Continue Reading →