We Count on Community Members Like You

Attend a Civic Dinner

At ARC Civic Dinners, metro Atlanta residents sit down together and break bread while having focused, meaningful conversations about issues that matter.

Civic Dinners are meant to be fun, and they’re designed to break down barriers. They’re also critically important. Your input will help ARC and our regional partners as we plan for the future.

Find a Conversation to Join

A chance to get involved and make a difference

Civic Dinners are simple: Six to 10 people get together for a good meal and a focused discussion about an issue that’s critical to our region’s future — issues like mobility, affordable housing, and reimagining aging to plan an inclusive future for us all. Three simple questions prompt thoughtful, personal responses. Anyone can host. Cook up a potluck meal at home, order pizza, or meet up at your favorite local dining spot. It’s up to you! The best part: Your input on these issues goes back to ARC to help us plan for the future.

Learn more about how civic dinners work – and pull up a chair. The conversation is just getting started.