Rockdale County Creates Economic Development Taskforce to Support Economic Growth Efforts

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Rockdale County is announcing the creation of the Economic Development Taskforce. The purpose of the group is to serve as a consistent line of communication between Rockdale County Government, Rockdale County Development Authority and the Conyers Rockdale Economic Development Council (CREDC).

“We believe this serves as an additional tool for what Rockdale County Government needs to do in our community to keep businesses coming,” said Chairman Oz Nesbitt, Sr.

Formed by Nesbitt, the taskforce was made so that Rockdale County is privy to information coming down the pipeline concerning economic development. The taskforce will support the efforts of the Development Authority and the CREDC, and the County will stand ready to assist from the government perspective.

“This opens a face-to-face dialogue, leads open communication and keeps key players on the same page,” Mike Sullivan, Chairman of the Rockdale County Development Authority says of the committee.

The group is made up of members of each entity acting as liaisons of in their specific area of knowledge. Members are:

  • Mike Sullivan, Chairman of the Rockdale County Development Authority
  • Marty Jones, CREDC

Leading the efforts on the County’s behalf:

  • Will Barkley, Chief Tax Assessor and Taskforce Chair
  • KC Krzic, Director of Planning and Development
  • Terrell Gibbs, Director of Rockdale Water Resources
  • Jorge Diez, Director of Public Relations
  • Roselyn Miller, Director of Finance
  • Corey Hambrick, Chief of Staff, who will serve as the primary liaison for the Chairman’s Office.

“It helps serve as a tool to help us get things done quicker, cut to the chase to usher in new business quicker,” says Jones.

The new Economic Development Taskforce will meet quarterly and is scheduled to hold their first meeting in March of 2019.

Source: https://rockdalecountyga.gov/2018/12/rockdale-county-creates-economic-development-taskforce-to-support-economic-growth-efforts/