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Rockdale County to Receive Reimbursement for Storm Cleanup Efforts

CONYERS, Ga. – Rockdale County will receive more than $196,000 in reimbursement for their cleanup efforts following tropical storm Irma, which occurred in September of 2017.

Rockdale County will receive federal and state monies to cover the costs of resources used during the emergency relief and cleanup efforts following tropical storm Irma as a result of proper protocol and procedure. Federal funding will reimburse 80 percent of the costs at $177,986.10 and the State will supply 8 percent at $18,165.14. In total $223,389.96 was spent to cover the efforts. Out of this sum, the cost to Rockdale County and the tax payer was 12 percent at $27,247.72.

From the period during and following tropical storm Irma, Rockdale County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), Fire-Rescue, Department of Transportation, Parks and Recreation, Rockdale Water Resources and Stormwater moved into action with emergency protective measures, and debris removal. The County in total removed and hauled 2,464 cubic yards of debris from the roadways caused by Irma, which is 805 cubic yards short of an Olympic size pool of debris.

For more information, please contact Bill Cate, Rockdale County EMA for more information at