Happy summer, all.

In this bonus episode, we talk about how you—yes, you—can get involved with a long-range planning effort for metro Atlanta that looks all the way out to the year 2050. The Atlanta Region’s Plan covers areas from housing affordability to transportation to economic growth in metro Atlanta  — and the planners want your input.

We also talk about the latest developments in public outreach for plans like this. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…an online game! Sort of a complex “Choose Your Own Adventure” for grown-ups. What kind of future do you think we’ll have, metro Atlanta?

Tell us. Go to the Atlanta Region’s Plan Update page to learn more about all the things we talk about in the show, including ARC’s Future Focus Civic Dinners, the Future Focus game, the Dad’s Garage improv show,  meetings in your community, and more. Looking for a deeper dive? The page also contains a wealth of info about things like the plan’s timeline, as well as planning documents and links to data about the region’s strengths and challenges as we move into the future.

The Guests

David Haynes, Senior Principal Planner, Atlanta Regional Commission

Melissa Roberts, Community Engagement & Equity Manager, Atlanta Regional Commission

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