Eviction notice with face mask

Atlanta Region Prepares for Possible Wave of Evictions

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission |

The economic crisis that accompanied the pandemic has caused widespread unemployment and tremendous economic uncertainty.  So far, a feared wave of evictions in metro Atlanta has yet to materialize – thanks to state and federal unemployment benefits and a hold on eviction proceedings in most counties in the region.  Now, a one-two punch threatens to cause a huge spike in the number of people at risk of losing their homes: … Continue Reading →

View of Atlanta skyline in the distance with trees in foreground

Metro Atlanta Adds 63,600 People in Past Year

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission |

Metro Atlanta grew at a relatively healthy clip in in the year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, adding nearly 64,000 people to bring the 10-county region’s total population to 4.7 million.  That’s according to the latest population estimates from the Atlanta Regional Commission. There’s a lot of data to parse, so let’s delve into the numbers.  How Does This … Continue Reading →

A MARTA train moving along beside 1-20

How Downtown Atlanta Aims to Drive Alternative Commute Options

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission |

Imagine an Atlanta that, as it grows, expands its mobility options to better accommodate movement in and around the city, beyond driving alone in a car. Although the reality of COVID has significantly changed commuting habits, it’s important for us to plan for a region that accommodates 2.9 million more residents and 1.2 million more … Continue Reading →

A woman teleworks while drinking coffee.

Metro Atlanta Survey Results: Adios, Traditional Work Week

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission |

We’ve heard a lot about teleworking lately: how COVID-19 has revved up the pace on adaptations for working at home, about the equity divide between those who can work online and those who can’t, and, of course, all those tutorials about how to look TV-newscaster-perfect during your weekly team Zoom call. (Heck, we even did … Continue Reading →

Two healthcare workers wearing masks and gloves looking at tablet

New Data Resources Track COVID-19 Impact in Metro Atlanta

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission |

The news is dizzying these days, as we face a global pandemic and a recession. It can be hard to make sense of what’s happening.  That’s frustrating for all of us, but especially challenging for metro Atlanta leaders who are working to respond to the crises and craft a path forward.  Here’s a look at several new data tools that put a local … Continue Reading →

CPACS staff prepares to delivery food to older refugees and immigrants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Services Supporting Older Atlantans Kick into High Gear During COVID-19

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission |

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many once-mundane tasks — like dropping by the grocery store or pharmacy — represent a newfound degree of difficulty, and even risk. This is especially true for folks 65 and up, who are more endangered than others by the highly contagious coronavirus. In these times, many service agencies have stepped up … Continue Reading →

Woman working on her computer at home

Out of Work? 5 Tips for Job Hunting During the Crisis

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission |

COVID-19 is not just a health crisis – it’s also an economic crisis, as unemployment in claims in Georgia have reached 1.3 million since mid-March. But some places are still hiring, and it always helps to have a competitive edge when you’re seeking employment. Here are five things you can do now to sharpen your … Continue Reading →

I-75 South at I-285

Teleworking and Social Distancing Push Traffic Down, Air Quality Up

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission |

Updated on May 6, 2020 A quick check of your favorite mapping app makes it clear: traffic congestion has eased during these shelter-in-place times. Even during rush hour, major highways are bathed in a sea of green, signifying free-flowing traffic. Now, we have some numbers that show just how much congestion has declined, and what … Continue Reading →

Shelf-stable food ready for delivery by CPACS

Comfort Food: Feeding Older Refugees During COVID-19

Episode #13 | | 11 minutes

Every week for years, refugees and immigrants from five Asian countries—all over age 60—would gather for meals at The Center for Pan-Asian Community Services, or CPACS. This was more than nutrition; these were community gatherings. The visits also gave visitors a chance to address crucial needs, from interpreting legal forms, to looking into medical problems. … Continue Reading →

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Couple working at home with a baby

How to Telework While Social Distancing

Episode #12 | | 12 minutes

So, you’re working at home. And maybe you have everything you need to do it right: your ergonomic chair, your well-lit home office, and your robot nanny bringing you fresh lattes. Or maybe you’re like many of us and find yourself a little stressed by how teleworking is turning out during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re … Continue Reading →

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A 1.5-mile track at Curiosity Lab in Peachtree Corners, Ga., where companies test electronic vehicle tech innovations in a real-world environment.

Three Cool Projects Driving Georgia into the Future

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission |

It seems everyone’s talking about the future of transportation these days. You know, things like self-driving cars and “smart” traffic signals. While it may seem this high-tech future is still a looong way off, there’s a lot happening right now on the ground here in Georgia. Here’s a look at some notable projects that experts … Continue Reading →

Downtown Atlanta at night

The Region’s Connected Vehicle Technology is Getting Ready to Roll

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission |

The future of mobility is upon us. A network of “smart” traffic signals is headed for some of the region’s busiest thoroughfares. The system relies on Connected Vehicle (CV) technology – cars that talk to each other and to traffic signals and other infrastructure around them – to improve safety and efficiency. The new tech … Continue Reading →

Downtown Atlanta Skyline

How $173B Will Boost Mobility in Metro ATL

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission |

How do you keep metro Atlanta moving forward when nearly 3 million people are forecast to move here over the next three decades? That’s the daunting challenge facing regional planners and local governments. The answer can be found in major update to the transportation portion of the Atlanta Region’s Plan, recently approved by the Atlanta … Continue Reading →

Man teleworking in Atlanta

Ditching the Commute: New ARC Survey Shows Big Rise in Teleworkers

By Paul Donsky | Atlanta Regional Commission |

How’s this for a commute? A short walk from the bedroom to the home office or kitchen table. This is becoming commonplace, as more and more metro Atlanta residents are working at least some of the time at home. That’s according to the latest Regional Commuter Survey from the Atlanta Regional Commission, which found that … Continue Reading →

Forsyth Garage mural. Image Credit: Neka King

Downtown Dazzles With Local Stories In Lights

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission |

Mural by: Neka King If you’ve been in downtown Atlanta lately, you might have been dazzled by a cluster of brightly lit digital signage. Don’t be fooled, you’re not actually in Times Square – this display is part of the Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID) Arts & Entertainment District (A&E … Continue Reading →

Downtown Kennesaw

Kennesaw Finds Its Hippest New Greenspace…in the Cemetery

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission |

Change is coming to downtown Kennesaw. Amidst a population on the rise, two substantial mixed-use developments are planned that will add restaurants, retail, townhomes, and yes, even a couple more hipster breweries to the northwest city’s roster. City leaders are especially excited about a planned 15-acre project that will redevelop the vacant Martha Moore School, … Continue Reading →

Virginia Avenue smart corridor rendering

Aerotropolis Corridor May Be Latest In Metro ATL to Go Hi-Tech

By Junior Knox | Atlanta Regional Commission |

It’s not rocket science, but smart technology is taking off in a way that may be revolutionizing how we travel in metro Atlanta. One of the “driving” forces in this revolution is C-V2X – meaning “cellular-vehicle-to-everything.” This technology uses the emerging 5G network to allow vehicles to communicate with – you guessed it – pretty … Continue Reading →

A “For Rent” sign hangs in front of a house.

Data Dive: Who Are Metro Atlanta’s Renters?

By Kate Sweeney | Atlanta Regional Commission |

Where do metro Atlanta’s renters live? How old are they? What is their racial make-up, and what is their experience of life in the A-T-L? An in-depth blog post from the Atlanta Regional Commission’s data experts provides answers to all these questions—important in a time when the availability of affordable rental properties is slim in … Continue Reading →

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