Ever wonder…Why is it so hard to find an affordable rental these days? Will I ever ride down Ga. 400 in a driverless car?  What’s the deal with the flooding in my neighborhood every time it rains?  Is it true that one in four people in metro Atlanta will be 60 or older in 12 years?*

What’s Next ATL is a new podcast powered by the Atlanta Regional Commission that’s all about addressing these questions, and much more.

It’s hosted and produced by Kate Sweeney, formerly an NPR reporter for 90.1 WABE, and now an ARC staffer. She also may be…writing this blog post.

The podcast trailer is out now! Take a listen. And click on the “subscribe” button below so you don’t miss an episode.

Why a Podcast?

Because true stories matter. And there’s nothing like being told a story that’s personal and human via an intimate medium like audio — especially when that story relates to a world that’s changing fast.

We’ll delve into issues like housing affordability, transportation, and the region’s changing demographics.

Each episode of the What’s Next ATL podcast breaks down an issue critical to metro Atlanta’s future success— and tells the story of someone tackling it in a creative way.

It’s compelling. It’s fun. And yeah, it’s kind of nerdy. We promise you’ll walk away from each episode having learned something.

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Thanks, guys. Oh, and that aging stat up there? Totally true.

What’s Next ATL, produced by the Atlanta Regional Commission, is a community resource that explores how metro Atlanta is growing and changing, and how the region is addressing its most pressing challenges.